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How to get rid of Stress?

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Every human being living on this planet earth definitely suffers from at least one psychological discomforts. If anyone you meet around says “hey, you know what, I have no issues at all, I’m totally like a free bird flying around in summer”, you should never believe that because we could call that as “the lie of the century”. The reason to say so is that, not trying to be mean, but the person whom you spoke to would otherwise be an alien because as I said previously, every human being living on this planet earth suffers from at least one such discomforts. Anxiety, stress, constant fear, constant anger and all these never bring comfort into one’s life.

Out of all these, stress is something we all face on a daily basis as a result of the busy life style which we all lead. So, in this post, I thought of spotting a couple of solutions if you are such a victim. One of the following 5 tips would definitely help you to be free from stress and believe me, they actually work, because I have tried them all and the results have shown up pretty well. But also note, if you have your own ways which you feel more comfortable and useful with, these would just be some tips that you could try and see additionally.   

1. Listen to songs

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You would definitely have a preference to a particular genre of songs and music which you would feel relieved to listen to when your head is a mess. If you can’t really figure what type of songs you really like, think of those times which you murmur a particular song the entire time until the person next to you gets really annoyed without your knowledge. The reason why you keep murmuring that song is because, although unconscionably, you have some sort of preference to those types of songs. Get a collection of about 5-10 or even more of those songs you prefer and keep them either in your phone classified under your “favorite list” or saved in a storage device. Listen to them when you feel stressful and believe me, it really helps to calm yourself down. It really really works, trust me. According to my experience, I would prefer to listen to some beautiful classic songs on an exhausting evening after been in the university the entire day. This is a great method of stress relief to anyone; regardless of whether you are a university student stressed out with exams round the corner or even for anyone stressed out after a long day at the office.

2. Do a physical activity which you prefer

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Working out is also a very good method of stress relief. The more you stretch your muscles when you are stressed out the better you would feel. This can be indoor or outdoor workout. Even walking in the walking park for 30 minutes will actually make this work really well. I would prefer early morning workouts for outdoor exercises because the morning breeze is so good that you really feel you are breathing the morning fresh air. The later it gets, the dirtier the air you breathe in is. As for indoor workouts, for example, your home gym, well, evenings would be the most suitable time. Just like outdoor walks and indoor workouts in the gym, you might be a very good swimmer or someone who prefers some other types of sports like basketball, netball, tennis, or even dancing for speedy songs, which I prefer the most and is the best therapy for me. So, according to your preference, you can do any type of sport whenever you get a free time. 

3. Sleep well

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One of the common mistakes done by most of the people is that they don’t sleep properly and stay up until late night doing work. Come on…. never skip a goodnight sleep. The fact that our brain releases a particular chemical during the night, mostly between midnight and 2 o’clock in the morning to relax it while we are asleep is something most of you hopefully know. Sometimes, you might have felt really dizzy when you wake up in the mornings after a sleep of 2 or 3 hours. The reason to feel so is because your brain has not received a proper rest to relax itself. So let your brain relax at least during that time for god sake. Even a university student needs at least 6 hours of sleep, as I believe, however, I don’t know about you, but I feel really sleepy throughout the day if at all I sleep for more than 7 hours. 

4. Drink a lot of water

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Another fact which we miss out a lot is; “water”. You know that every living thing needs water for its survival; plants, animals and of course, humans. We, the new generation nowadays find very least time to drink a drop of water during the day but we have enough time to drink soft drinks and others, many times a day, which is not healthy and makes you feel thirstier every time you drink those. So, try to drink as much of water as possible because it will be very helpful to function your organs properly and reduce stress. Once you get used to drinking water very often daily, and you continue it as a practice for about 20 days, you will naturally get used to it eventually. It’s so refreshing when you get used to the practice. You will feel the difference as you keep up with it.  

5. Meditate

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As a Buddhist I’ve learnt that meditation is one of the great methods of getting rid of stress and many other mental discomforts. Even though you are not a Buddhist, you can do certain meditations in various forms, such as yoga, where you do physical exercises with a deep concentration on every move you make. This is actually an excellent method of focusing on one particular action as you do it. If you really look into the way that stress is created within oneself, you can actually figure out that stress comes as a result of thinking of too many things at the same time. For example, if you are a university student, a very common mental discomfort we all face is exam stress, as I mentioned above, which comes as a result of thinking too much of the remaining work we must complete before the exam. So, practice any type of meditation which you feel comfortable with and you will definitely be stress-free if you do it as a practice at least for 15 minutes a day. If you can’t find anyone who can advise you on a method of meditation, you can download a couple of stress-relief music tracks from the internet, close your eyes and inhale and exhale deeply while concentration to the beautiful music track which plays in the background. Even staring at a nature related picture for about 10-15 minutes will minimize the stress level in you. 

These are not the only methods available for stress relief but are the most commonly used methods by many. If you make it a habit to at least using one of the above mentioned methods to release stress, although you can’t completely stop stress bothering you, you can at least minimize it into great extends. 

I hope this post was useful for you and I wish that you take use of at least one of these methods and reduce the bothersome discomfort called stress.

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