Thursday, September 01, 2016

Finally it's done

Looking for the GRADUATION!!!

Every students' dreams come true on the day of graduation, that's an obvious truth as you have passed many stages in life to achieve that very moment in life. After studying pretty hard for the past 17 years at school, you next concentrate on deciding which field you want to advance in. This becomes a crucial moment in life. That's because everyone suggests you various things to pursue in, but you may either want only to pursue in one particular field, or you might want listen to your parents for once to decide wisely. All might not do the same in succeeding, but many try their best and most achieve it. So, at a point in life, you should be able to look back and be happy by looking at the hard work and commitments you've done to achieve what you have achieved.  

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After graduating from primary school in France, although I was pretty small, my next question was "what type of a school will I attend next when I go back to my homeland, Sri Lanka". Well, it was a hard one. My parents finally found a good international school which I got my secondary education. Even after that, my next issue was, "what do I do next". Thanks to my parents, I was capable of attending to a reputed University and major in law. After working hard for the past 3 years as a full time law student and winding it up successfully, you feel so happy that your hard work came to a temporary end (which I am sure that a lot is still to come) and that you are advancing to the next step in life. 

So now, its time to celebrate the hard work,.. So, when is it? Well, still waiting for it. The pressure is not yet over. Waiting for the GRADZ DAY to come by soon. Will let you know about the great day soon. 

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Although this out of traveling, this another amazing encounter in this voyage of life. Therefore, I thought of sharing this awesome moment with my readers. You must have felt the same when you were done with University or with some other institutions in life. So, you might definitely understand how I feel right now. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a fun time and take care !! 

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