A Gift from South Korea - Finally, I remember

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Gift from South Korea

Finally, I remember...

(The continuation of the first part...)

Hearing this news, my parents and I were wondering throughout as to who would send a package to us through the post as we had not even ordered anything online. Yet the thought of the gift from the competition never crossed my mind as I had completely forgotten that I even participated to such an online competition.

Once arriving at the post office, a person working in the office handed me over the so called package they were talking about. I could understand nothing on that bubbled package as most of the things were written in Korean. As soon as I saw that Korean written text, I had a slight feeling that this might be the gift sent to me, meaning, I had become a winner of that competition. So I opened the package to find out an original album of the boy band EXO all well packaged and sent all the way to Sri Lanka from South Korea. After all, I have been selected as a winner of that online competition!!!

Well… I was extremely surprised and exited. Who wouldn’t be though? Since this incident took place the day before my birthday, I could count this as a birthday gift sent to me from overseas apart from those presents given by my friends, amazing isn’t it? What made me even happier is the fact that the album didn’t only comprise of the CD which contained the tracks of the album, but it also had a complete photo album of the group members. It also included an autograph card of one of the EXO members. That was my first time receiving a music album of a famous band as a birthday gift ;), I had good grounds to be very much exited. 

However, I am happy that this turned out to be a genuine competition. It didn’t ask me to enter any confidential information such as credit card details or any other extremely confidential information and the organizers of this competition were very clearly mentioned. These were reasonable facts to trust that this online competition is a genuine one.  

P.S. It is however important to be very careful when it comes to online competitions. If you come across an online competition, make sure to look at its conditions and nature when entering details. Never enter personal and confidential information just for the sake of receiving a free gift, it might turn out to be a scam and you may fall into great trouble.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I feel so happy that I could share with you one of the best moments that I had at the beginning of this year. Let me know any similar experiences that you had encountered if you would like to do so. 

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