A Gift from South Korea - First, I wonder what it is....

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Gift from South Korea

First, I wondered what it was...

Have you ever encountered a moment when you receive a gift from another country and, that too, the day before your birthday? Well, I did come across such a moment in January. Although I wanted to share this experience with you for the past months, I couldn’t do so due to my university finals. But now, since it is done and dusted, I found a peace of mind to share this wonderful surprising experience that came up early this year.

Last December, while surfing the internet, I came across a competition which was organized by one of the governmental Ministries of South Korea. It was not that of a hard online competition, but was more of writing skills. I just kept on typing on the topic they had asked the participants of the competition to write on. At the end of the page which the competition was loaded, a series of gift options were displayed to be selected in case I win the competition. This was an opportunity given for the participants to choose the sort of gift they would love to receive if they won and came within the first 100 winners out of all participants worldwide. There were three options listed, out of which the first one was a CD of a famous Korean pianist (whose name I have forgotten), a poster of another famous figure and last, one of the latest albums of the EXO boy band which was released in the year 2015 (Love Me Right - Repackaged). 

It’s been sometimes ever since I became a k-pop fan. My first favorite Korean boy band turned out to be SS501 where Kim Hyun Joong was the leader followed by 4 other members (Kim Hyung Jun, Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung min, Kim Kyu Jong). I was and still am a great fan of the boy band Shinee. However, it is of no argument that EXO, which is one of the boy bands established recently has received much of popularity worldwide. Just like certain other K-Pop boy bands in South Korea, EXO has even reached to great popularity in many countries including United States of America, many countries in Europe and many parts of Asia. 

Nevertheless, by the time I chose the gift out of the list which I considered to have if in case I win from the competition, I wasn’t a huge fan of EXO. But it was much familiar to me than the other two options. Therefore, without hesitation, I selected the EXO gift. 

In January, around two days before my birthday, I received a note by the local post office that there was a package which had arrived under my name and was kept at the post office for collection. What do you think it may have been? No doubt, you can guess it easily...

Read the final part of this surprising moment by clicking here...

For more pictures of the gift, watch my YouTube video by clicking here...

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